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About FECC
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Introduction of the Foreign Exchange Consulting Center

    The Foreign Exchange Consulting Center is one department of Plumbing Facilities Committee of China Construction Metal Structure Association. Under the work of the whole staff, it has already organized successfully many large—scale activities. Not only publishing the association and unit the relationship between the enterprises and association, but also establishing the good cooperation connection with the units domestic and abroad, such as the World Plumbing Conference, the Messe Frankfurt Company and the Hong Kong Plumbing Association. Thus laid a solid foundation for the further cooperation.

    The Foreign Exchange Consulting Center is playing a very important role between the association and memberships with its unique function and broad views. We believe that our future will be promising and bright!

Functions of the Foreign Exchange Consulting Center

Organizing the seminar of technology and experience.

Introducing the business, technology and economic cooperation both domestic and abroad.

Organizing delegation to visit or be trained abroad.

Advertising the web site and periodical.

Participated in the organizing the exhibition and conference.

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