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About FECC
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    National Technical Committee on Water Supply and Drainage of Standardization Administration of China was founded on April 22nd ,2010 in YuLong Hotel, Beijing. The activity is organized by the Project Quota Section of Ministry of Housing and Urban - Rural Development of P.R.C. The secretariat is being settled in Plumbing Facilities Committee of China Construction Metal Structure Association. More than 50 experts and professionals ......

    To Push Forward the Plumbing Industry of China

Founded in 1993, the committee has grown with you through

ups and downs.

On the long way into the future, we will be always with you as we are.

Undertaking key scientific research projects and new product development projects commissioned by the government or business entities; orgnizing preparation and modification of technical standards, criteria and specifications.....

about FECC
    The Foreign Exchange Consulting Center is one department of Plumbing Facilities Committee of China Construction Metal Structure Association. Under the work of the whole staff, it has already organized successfully many large—scale activities. Not only publishing the association and unit the relationship between the enterprises and association, but also establishing the good cooperation connection with the units domestic and abroad, such as the World Plumbing Conference, the Messe Frankfurt .......
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